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[Accepted]Boomkin druid Application Empty [Accepted]Boomkin druid Application

Post  Eikol on Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:19 pm

Name: Daniel

Age: 17

Location: Denmark

Time /played?: Total - 119 days, This level - 40 days.

Characters Name: Eikol

Class and Race: Tauren Druid

Current Spec: Boomkin, 58/0/13

Dual Spec: If yes then what spec?: Resto 3v3 spec.

Are you willing to respec?: Yeah, well, depends on which spec.

Professions: Skinning - 450, LW - 441

Profession patterns: Nothing decent.

Do you have Ventrilo: Yes I have

Do you have a working headset/microphone: Yes
Previous Guilds: List guilds you were in (if any) and why you left: On this server I've been in a guild called Dominion. I only raided with them once, and that was bad. No one read up on tacs so we were wiping in ToC 10.

Previous Raidng Exp: List your Raiding Exp. here (Naxx,Ulduar,SSC,The Eye, etc...):
This is my exp at level 70. (As feral tank)
Kara: Clear
SSC: 5/6
TK: 3/4
MH: Clear
BT: Clear
Wotlk -
Naxx: Clear
Uld: 8/14 (10man)
ToC10: Clear
ToC25: 1/5
VOA: Clear
OS: Cleared (3d on 25man)
EoE: Clear

Current Gear(MainSpec): Put a link to the wowarmory. .. I might have pvp gear on when you check it.

Current Gear(OffSpec): List the stats and gear you feel we need to know about your offspec: Nothing special. I pvp as resto.

Raiding Times: We raid mainly Wed and Thur from 19.00-23.00, with the occasional extra raid now and then so please specify what days you can raid and if you can stay till 11pm.

Monday------(19:00-23:00) - Yes
Tuesday-----(19:00-23:00) - Yes
Wednesday--(19:00-23:00) - Yes
Thursday-----(19:00-23:00) - Yes
Friday-------(19:00-23:00) - No
Saturday-----(19:00-23:00) - Yes
Sunday------(19:00-23:00) - Yes
(Note: I just checked yes at days that I don't have any specific plans. Sometimes I need to work some of the days, and sometimes I might go out at saturdays etc..)

Alts: Got any alts? Got a level 80 Warrior - Enan

Guild References: Any members of Silent Call that you know or can vouch for you: No, not that I know of.

Comments: Anything else you think we should know: I am a male, 17 years old, I live in Denmark. I have had a break from PVE for a while and started doing fulltime pvp. But know I want to get back to PVE, but still doing PVP though. I was resto in PVE when I hit 80 for a long time, but know I wanna do some boomkin stuff instead.
I will do my best to participate in this guild and ofcourse I will try to sign up as much as possible. I hope you have free spot for me AND if you're nice to me, I probably wont keep my 5% crit buff for myself Wink


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[Accepted]Boomkin druid Application Empty Re: [Accepted]Boomkin druid Application

Post  Mightypaw on Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:33 pm

Heya mate, and nice application I would like to see your pve gear as you indeed had pvp gear on the armory. Your raid exp is good and that is always a plus and we are in need of some nice ranged dps so unless your gear is full green Shocked , then I vote yes for sure.

Armory Link


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