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Post  Garrox on Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:00 pm

Name: Your Name. Mads

Age: Your Age. 17

Location: Where are you from? Denmark

Time /played?: 16 days, 13 hours, 45 minutes, 44 sec

Characters Name: Your characters name. Garrox

Class and Race: Deathknight orc

Current Spec: blood 51/0/20

Dual Spec: If yes then what spec? unholy 20/0/51

Are you willing to respec?: Yes / No Yes ofc.

Professions: Professions/levels first aid 450.

Rare Profession patterns: List any rare or decent profession items that you can create.

Do you have Ventrilo: Yes / No (We use ventrilo mix, version 2.1) Yes I have

Do you have a working headset/microphone: Yes / No Yes I have

Previous Guilds: List guilds you were in (if any) and why you left. I have been Biohazard and The Achivers. In Biohazard I left because I wanted some more raids, and The Achivers was because I had to go at holiday, and I then they kicked me.

Previous Raidng Exp: List your Raiding Exp. here (Naxx,Ulduar,SSC,The Eye, etc...) Done almost Naxx 25, just need 1 quarter more. I have done 4-5 bosses in Ulduar, and knows tacs for rest. EoE I almost done it, but we allways died at part 3. I have done 4 bosses in ToC. If I misses some raid info just ask Smile

Current Gear(MainSpec): Put a link to the wowarmory.

Current Gear(OffSpec): List the stats and gear you feel we need to know about your offspec. Just my pvp gear.

Raiding Times: We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19.00-23.00, with the occasional extra raid now and then so please specify what days you can raid and if you can stay till 23.00. Obviously our main raid days are the most important.

Monday------(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. Yes
Tuesday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. no
Wednesday--(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. Yes
Thursday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. depends on how much work I have.
Friday-------(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. Yes
Saturday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. Yes
Sunday------(19:00-23:00) - yes/no. Yes

Alts: Got any alts? List them here. I don't got any lvl 80 alts yet.

Guild References: Any members of Silent Call that you know or can vouch for you. I don't know any from your guild, but heard a lot nice stuff about you.

Comments: Anything else you think we should know. Im a nice and social guy, that don't leave after 2-3 wipes. Instead I'll try find problem for wiping and lose it. That would be all. Just ask for more info if it's needed (;


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[Denied]Apply for Silent Call Empty Re: [Denied]Apply for Silent Call

Post  Mightypaw on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:26 pm

Heya and thanks for the app but your gear and exp is way below what we are looking for so I have to vote no but I wish you the best of luck in finding a guild.

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[Denied]Apply for Silent Call Empty Re: [Denied]Apply for Silent Call

Post  Xzeon on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:31 pm

I can only say i agree whit mighty here.

I vote no
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[Denied]Apply for Silent Call Empty Re: [Denied]Apply for Silent Call

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