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Post  Mandis on Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:24 pm

Name: Paul

Age: 20 years old

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Time /played?: Not long on this character Sad

Characters Name: Mandizz

Class and Race: Shaman Troll

Current Spec: Elemental

Dual Spec: Restoration

Are you willing to respec?: Yes ofcourse

Professions: Enchanting 400/450, second profession coming soon

Rare Profession patterns: Nope, nothing Sad

Do you have Ventrilo: Yes, 2.1 too 3.0

Do you have a working headset/microphone: Yes

Previous Guilds: I used too be alliance on dunemaul, I was in HoB there and before that i was in notorious exiles. I left HoB because the raid leader was a retard and was shouting 24/7. Notorious Exiles went inactive after naxx 25 man clear.

Previous Raidng Exp: I raided almost everything in wotlk, did naxx 10/25, eoe 10/25, ulduar 10/25 (not fully cleared), toc 10/25. This all looks great but i havnt done this on my shaman but on my priest, which used too be my main and therefore has the achievements im lacking on my shaman.

Current Gear(MainSpec): http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dunemaul&n=Mandizz

Current Gear(OffSpec): Dont have much resto gear since i havnt raided as restoration.

Raiding Times:

Monday------(19:00-23:00) - yes
Tuesday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes
Wednesday--(19:00-23:00) - yes
Thursday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes
Friday-------(19:00-23:00) - yes
Saturday-----(19:00-23:00) - yes
Sunday------(19:00-23:00) - yes

Alts: Mandiz, Undead holy priest i was talking about. Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dunemaul&n=Mandiz
Also got a retribution paladin on this server, not doing pve with him because of lack of pve gear.

Guild References: Dont know anyone Crying or Very sad

Comments: I know my gear looks bad, but im pretty skilled and know how too play. Im patient and dont mind wiping (ofcourse i dont like it, but who does? Laughing ). Thanks for reading and hope i can join your guild. If you dont accept me as raider, perhaps i can join as social and gear up a bit more. Ty!



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[Accepted]Elemental Shaman Empty Re: [Accepted]Elemental Shaman

Post  Mightypaw on Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:26 am

Heya, I did Daily HC with him today and seems like a nice guy that knows how to play, gear is a bit low but I can see from your priest that you have exp, and with dedication and the upcomming patch gearing up will be fast.

I would like 1 more active ele shamy for our raiding team aswell.

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[Accepted]Elemental Shaman Empty Re: [Accepted]Elemental Shaman

Post  Xzeon on Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:23 am

I can agree here, gear is not realy an issue atm as the new patch will come soon perhaps.
As i see u have exp on the priest and therefore I vote Yes.
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[Accepted]Elemental Shaman Empty Re: [Accepted]Elemental Shaman

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