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Post  Zerkon on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:34 pm

Hello Silent Call members Smile

Name:Stefanos Panagiotidis

Age:20 years old

Location: Greece!

Time /played?: 20 days+(on this char)

Characters Name: Zerkon

Class and Race:Warrior-Tauren!

Current Spec(MS):Arms

Glyphs:Glyph of sweeping strikes/Glyph of Mortal Strike/Glyph of Rending
Glyph of Bloodrage/Glyph of Charge/Glyph of Command

Dual Spec: Fury

Are you willing to respec?: Ofcourse if i have the gear to do it!

Professions: On my warrior, i am now leveling BS/Mining! on my other 80s, have LW/enchanting/inscription/herbs!

Rare Profession patterns: No atm

Do you have Ventrilo: Yes

Do you have a working headset/microphone: Yes

Previous Guilds and why you left them: Last two years i was in Resolute ! After that summer we decided we cant continue raiding ! and after a long break i did .. now i decided to enjoy raiding again ! Smile

Previous Raidng Exp: Vanila i started alliance Hunter on Genjuros-server, cleared ony,mc,bwl,Aq40(not all), and i lvl him up to 70 and did gruul, but then bored of allies! and i decided to reroll! and i came in Dunemaul, where i had some irl friends! i lvl my paladin Elgreco,i joined Resolute, i cleared with them in tbc ssc/tk/hyjal/bt!
When Wotlk came out i was in my best timein WoW, lvl to 80 very quick! We cleared naxx/malygos/sarth 3d up! i did Ulduar 25 with some hardmodes till yoggie. had some tries on that but didnt killd him!
After that ,if i remember well, Toc patch was out, but never played with pally! it was summer and as we couldnt make a good 25/10 man, decided to lcontinue for summer with my Horde troll Hunter( yes 2nd hunter) i did with ma Hunter(Sapiodontis) 2 bosses in ToC25 and had some tries 3d boss!
and at that time i took my wow break, wanted to relax a bit!
When i came back, and was on ma warrior, it was December! I lvl him from 70 to 80, and till now i tried to do the best to improve him!
I tried to gear up with Icc heroics 5man, and emblems ! and lil VoA! and next step is raiding, cause there isnt anything from 5mans to loot Smile i did my best to gear him up ! Cause i want to raid again!

Current Gear(Link to Armory and be in PvE gear!):http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dunemaul&cn=Zerkon

Raiding Times: Raiding days/time is fine for me. I have too much free time !

Guild References:As far as i know..no Smile probably have done some hcs with some1 , but i dont know any1 very well !

Comments: I think that i am a responsible person,can play serious,as a raiding guild needs! and ofc funny and talkative to have good time in the guild chat! I always know tactics, and have seen videos of raids..so i can be good ! and atm cause i didnt have the time to do the latest raids, i continued watching vids, and how new encounters working!

Thanks for ur time !
Any advices/suggestions-opinions are welcome ! Very Happy


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Post  Mightypaw on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:36 pm

Hey there, gear is a bit low but you seems like a nice guy with alot of exp so contact me ingame tomorrow and lets have a talk Wink

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Post  Zerkon on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:54 pm

Smile okey, i ll /w ingame tomorrow!


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