What are we looking for?

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What are we looking for? Empty What are we looking for?

Post  Mightypaw on Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:10 pm

What classes we are looking for at the moment:

Death Knight: 2 Dps(1 Blood, 1 Frost) , 1 Tank
Druid: 1 Resto
Hunter: 2
Mage: 2
Paladin: 1 Holy
Priest: 1 Shadow
Rouge: 2
Shaman: 1 Elemental, 1 Resto, 1 Enhancement
Warlock: 2
Warrior: 1 Arms, 1 Fury

All applications will be considered even if the class/spec recruitment is considered closed, we are always looking to add more skilled dedicated people to our roster.

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